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Apis Structural Calcs RC Section Calculator

What it is. What it can do.

The application analyzes reinforced concrete sections in terms of ultimate capacity.

Using the calculator you can check if a specified RC section can resist applied design loads. The results are visualised in an interaction diagram. Additional, unique feature is the possibility to view intermediate detailed results. It may be used to verify results or for educational purposes.

The calculations are in accordance with Eurocode 2 (European building code).

The calculations may be performed for both: a typical case of rectangular section and uni-axial bending as well as an advanced situation of custom polygon shape and bi-axial bending.

The reinforcement layout and other input data are checked against the building code requirements.

RC Section Calculator is a web-based application. Therefore, it does NOT require any downloads or installations, all you need is a web browser and an internet connection, which you already have as you are viewing this web page.


To start with RC Section Calculator look at the tutorials 1 and 2, which present step-by-step work-flow based on two different examples.

  • Tutorial 1 - design of rectangular section under uni-axial bending.
  • Tutorial 2 - check of L-shaped section under bi-axial bending.
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